Doxie Dogs Inspire Children's Book Series

Doxie Dogs Inspire Children's Book Series

BEMENT -- Two playful Dachshunds inspire a new children's book series, "Doxie Tale Adventures."

BEMENT -- If the adage is true that good authors "write what they know," then newly-published author Jody Shonkwiler of Bement is a master. At the heart of her new series, Doxie Tale Adventures, are her favorite dachshunds, Peanut and Abby.

Shonkwiler had always loved to write. But it was a combination of free time and inspiration that help make her first book, A Super Fun Day, a reality. Her next book, Howloween Fun, is already at the printer. She chose to self-publish. Click the video to learn why and meet Peanut and Abby! 

Be sure to attend Jody Shonkwiler's book signing this Saturday at 2:00pm at the Jane Addams Bookstore in downtown Champaign.

To follow the adventures of Peanut, Abby, and their alter egos as well as learn about new publications or speaking opportunities, log on to:

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