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Resident Turns Old Train Depot Into Event Center

BETHANY -- It's an icon of old Bethany that was almost lost. See how one woman saved the town's train depot for generations to come.

BETHANY -- It's an icon of old Bethany that was almost lost- until one local resident took action.

The Bethany train depot, a brick structure built in 1923 to replace the old wooden depot, was becoming rundown and dilapidated. Passenger service stopped in 1939 and not much had been happening in the building since. But when Cindy Sanner found out the property was being sold (and that the depot would likely be knocked down), she bought it, restoring the interior and making it a shining landmark in town.

Now she operates the three-room building as a center for weddings, parties, and other events.

Watch the video to hear what motivated her to save this important piece of local history.

Click the document to read more about the history of Bethany, the Decatur, Sullivan, and Mattoon railroad, and the depot.

For more information on booking the Bethany Depot for an event, contact Cindy at cindysanner@atproperties.com.

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