Boot Camp with Infinite CU

Getting tired of that same old workout? Time to mix it up!

Champaign, Il (WCIA) - Keybeck Song, trainer and owner of Infinite CU, is here to help mix up that boring workout!

Here's more about Infinite CU from owner, Keybeck Song:

Fitness, Nutrition, Motivation, Healthy Life Style, etc. 

People find my workouts, personality, & business interesting.

Help people lose weight, add strength & definition, eat healthy, stay motivated, & live a purposeful and meaningful life. 

Also, working doesn't have to be boring, you can make your workouts fun and effective!

I'm going to show a few workouts that are fun and show that working out can be fun! Only props I have are my body, some small cups, a fitness dice, and hopefully help from the hosts to try some of the exercises!

We aren't a traditional gym we are a community or FitFam as we like to call it. 

We aren't a corporation or a franchise. 

We are a small local business here to serve the local community. 

With us your going to get great workouts & get to meet like minded people who actually care about you!

Spring Boot Camp kicks off March 18.  Visit the website for more information.

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