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Decatur, IL - Becky Rogers is a Certified Professional Organizer who owns Organize My Clutter, and has a team of organizers helping people downsize their belongings, and get organized in their homes, offices, and daily lives.

They serve central Illinois areas from Springfield to Champaign, Decatur to Bloomington and Peoria, and beyond.  And they are currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary!  I started Organize My Clutter in January 2008, so this is a big milestone for us. 

Does Organize My Clutter have a specialty? 
       We listen first, to determine what your needs are. We need to have a full understanding of what may have caused the clutter and disorganization to begin with in order to know how to fix it.
         Life can get turned upside down without notice. When that happens, priorities change, and oftentimes the organization at home or in daily routines can suffer.  
    Everyone goes through life transitions at one time or another, and in today's world, if one thing falls behind, it seems like everything starts to fall behind.
So we listen, and I guarantee our organizers won't judge you, or your situation.    

Life Transitions that can often cause disorganization:
         Change in Career
         Getting Married
         Growing Family
         Death of a Loved One. 

What type of people do you help?
         We work a lot with baby boomers and seniors who need to downsize, with moms and busy families who are always on the run, and with working professionals who struggle with keeping up on tasks and obligations. 
         We also work with a lot of Chronically Disorganized clients at all ages in all levels of social classes. These are people who either didn't grow up in an organized environment or have just never been taught basic organizing skills. We help them set up new systems and teach them simple techniques and different ways to think about things, as well as how to maintain their systems. 

Professional Organizers can help:
    Busy families
    Working professionals

Why do people hire a pro organizer instead of recruiting help from a friend or family member?
        We've heard time and time again how  someone who's close to a client has made them feel guilty, judged, lazy, or even stupid.  We come in without any preconceived notions about how your things should or shouldn't be, and that alone, can change the outcome completely.  
         We also have more experience with different organizing techniques, tricks, and tips, and will know more about what will and won't work.

There is much more to professional organizing than just making things neat and orderly.  At Organize My Clutter, you have something most other professional organizers don't, which is industry certification. Tell us about that. 
         I am associated with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals which has over 3500 members.
         [NAPO] provides education and advanced research in the organizing industry, and still, less than 10% of NAPO members have met all the requirements to become "Certified Professional Organizers."  
         I and one other in Macomb, are currently the only ones south of the Chicagoland area. [There are only 14 of us in the state of Illinois (12 in Chicagoland,)

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals 
    3500 members
NAPO Certified Professional Organizers 
    341 Worldwide
    311 in the United States
    14 in Illinois

         I'm also subscribed to The Institute for Challenging Disorganization, where I receive education on everything about Chronically Disorganized clients. They offer additional training and certifications for working with clients who suffer with things like ADD, Aging, Physical, or Mental Health issues, time management, and Hoarding. 

The Institute for Challenging Disorganization
    Provides resources and education to the public and professionals
    Provides education and specialist certifications for handling the Chronically Disorganized client with:
    ADD Issues 
    Needs for the Aging
    Life Transitions
    Physical or Mental Health Conditions
    Different Learning Styles
    Time Management Issues
    Hoarding Tendencies or Disorder

I asked our Facebook followers what they wanted to see today, and surprisingly, the overwhelming answer was mail and paper control. 
Even in today's digital world, we still have too much paper. So I'm going to show you some solutions for keeping it both physically and digitally. 
First, Stop it at the door. 
         Open and sort it immediately, near a shredder. 
         Find a good solution for things that need your attention. (Desktop or mobile files, well-labeled.)
         Stop all the junk mail today! Go to www.OrganizeMyClutter.com and click on our Resources page. There you'll find several links to remove yourself from direct mail lists and those annoying pre-approved credit card offers, and more. 
Second, Act on it.
Stick to a routine to handle everything that needs attention.    
If you can handle it in less than a minute then do it immediately.
Third File it.
    If you haven’t gone digital, you can still fine-tune and eliminate more paper than you might think. Keep anything that could never be replaced, and what you need for taxes. If you don’t know what those things are, find out. Ask your personal tax accountant to be safe. 
Generally, though, unless you own a business, or are behind on filing taxes, you do not need to keep any utility bills or any receipts for things you can’t deduct from taxes. Now that bank and credit card statements are available online you don’t need hard copies of them either. Again, that is if you’re caught up on filing your taxes.
Paper Control:
    Remove yourself from mailings lists
    Open and sort into a desktop filer.
    File by Action or Subject
    Do it immediately if time allows.
    Stick to routine to handle to-do’s.
    File it (physically or digitally) or Shred it.

Filing digitally:
Use a scanning app on your phone so you can immediately scan things you need to refer to later. I love TinyScanner. Others are GeniusScan, and HPSmart, These apps allow you to send scans directly into email, or a cloud service like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. Save or rename your digital files with thought. (Date, alphabet, person, etc.)

Digital Filing Options:
    Scanning Apps
    Use the Cloud
    Google Drive
    Create Smart Folder Systems
    Rename files or documents with “old-school” file names

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