Bowmentum Archery helps us play Cupid

Tolono, Il (WCIA) - Mike Nash, owner of Bowmentum Archery, Inc, out of Tolono joins us to help us play Cupid this Valentine's Day!

Here's more about Bowmentum Archery:

Archery is what we are all about. We have a passion for sharing it with everyone! 
We are your bow tuning professionals, our bow whisperers have helped countless archers and bow hunters shoot better and be more efficient.

I would say people find the 24 hour indoor range with monitors the most interesting, along with Alex's (one of our managers) dynamic personality, making friends with everyone that visits.

We have questions that come each week, questions on how our 24 hour range works, how much it cost, we have a wide range of questions about tuning bows, and the best broad heads, and arrows. These questions are the most fun.. we are a shop that shoots you straight, and the owner will test so many tuning methods, and lots of arrows and broadheads. We love to hear and talk about what each person uses for equipment and style.

People should know the thing we love to solve the most is helping you shoot your best... if that's tuning your bow to perfection or helping you with our shooting form, we can work with each person's style of shooting, and the 24 hour range is at your fingertips to practice practice practice....

Our pro shop is set apart from every pro shop in the surrounding area..

We are different in some big ways... 
#1: our 24 hour range is the first in Central IL. as a matter of fact you don't find many across the country 
#2: Our shop is different then other pro shops, it's brighter, clean, organized, and we invested in top of the line products to have in stock  
#3: We are different in that we have certified techs that care about setting up and tuning your bow to perfection

This is what we are now, but what we are very close to launching is professionally run classes, and events... we did some pilot events to see the interest people would have who have never shot a bow and arrow..

We are having a great sale with Huge on Mathews Halons in stock and HOYT power max.
Every person who buys a bow from Bowmentum gets free set up and paper tune, free range time to shoot your new bow, and free 24 hour door access card to shoot whenever you want. This is over a $125 value and better then you being on your own after the sale like some places.

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