Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum in Decatur

DECATUR, ILL - The old slogan "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" still rings true sixty years after it debuted in advertising. It is something millions of Americans have been able to do in hundreds of different models produced by the iconic General Motors brand. One museum in Decatur is dedicated to highlighting the different eras and types that have made Chevrolet such a famous brand. 

The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of the brand. With vehicles from the 1920s through today, it shows off a wide variety. While some museums focus exclusively on some of the best known models like the Corvette or Camero, the Hall of Fame highlights all different types. As a result, visitors of all ages are able to find cars they relate to. 

"One of the neatest things that does my heart well is being able to see a lot of the visitors that a lot of the nursing homes will bring in, and they will walk through here with their walkers and they will say that is exactly what me and my husband had when we went on our honeymoon or that's the car that we had when we got married." says Museum Owner Lavelle Hunt. 

For more information about the Chevrolet Hall of Fame including hours of operation, you can visit their website 

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