What to Expect with a Kitchen Makeover

Is it time for a new kitchen in the new year?

Champaign, IL - The new year brings a sense of a fresh start.

Whether it's health, personal goals or your home.
If you've been tossing around the idea of kitchen makeover, today's ciHome sponsor offers an array of ideas to start your plan.  Owners of Kuche Fine Cabinetry and Design     Joe Schumacher and Laura Hemmen explain what to expect from start to finish.

Kuche Fine Cabinetry and Design help with all types of project from remodels, to new construction to small projects to huge projects. They help people find what they love, their unique style and character and put it into their homes for them to enjoy.

Kuche loves helping people get their dream design that fits in their budget. Everyone deserves a home that fits their personality and character.  

The vision starts in their kitchen design workshop.  The goal to educate people before they get started. 

Kuche focus is on design & service. Our goal is to serve and guide the client every step of the way to make the design and construction experience and process enjoyable and fun. We believe every project and budget deserves elite service and design.

Check out their upcoming event: 
Design Workshop
January 18, 2018 

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