Woman dedicates life to saving misfit dogs

By Erica Quednau | equednau@wcia.com

Published 08/07 2014 06:53AM

Updated 10/03 2014 06:58AM

LONGVIEW -- They are dogs you might call misfits. Many mistreated and now dealing with the affects but one woman wasn't going to let them live alone. She started a sanctuary called Three Wet Dogs, INC. It is a current way to rescue animals. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau got to visit her home.

Many of the dogs that live there are going blind, have joint problems, one only has three legs. They are the kind of dogs most people would pass up at the animal shelter, but an area woman saw past their differences and is now dedicating her life to giving them a better one.

Meet Debra Inman. She's president of Three Wet Dogs, INC. or as she calls herself, crazy dog lady.

"It's a forever home for large breed, special needs dogs that ordinarily would not be able to find a home," said Inman.

All together, she has 14 living in her home or 1,200 pounds of pooch as Inman says.

"I actually have a sheet that I use for roll call in the winter, make sure they all come in," said Inman.

It's a story she didn't have in mind for herself but it's turning out to be a good one anyway.

"I'm never lonely. I always feel very loved. You know, when I walk into the room, the tails hit the floor and it sounds like I have a round of applause every time I walk in the door," said Inman.
A woman who changed her life completely for these dogs deserves it. She moved to this home four years ago for her pets. It is six acres of land for them to run and play and of course, a place for them to eat and sleep.

"I feel like I live in a nice kennel. So the place is theirs, they let me stay," said Inman.

Now of course, going through fifteen gallons of water a day and about 600 pounds of food a month isn't a one-person job. That's why Inman has volunteers who stop by when they can.

"Feed the dogs, play with the dogs, last time I was here I mowed," said Coady Murphy, one of her volunteers.

"Sometimes they help me do some certain projects but mostly they just spend time loving on the dogs," said Inman.

Because love is really all these dogs ever wanted.

"Even though the dogs have been so mistreated throughout their lives, you walk up and all they want to do is love you and kiss on you," said Murphy.

Even though Inman's story is a little unplanned...

"Chaotic and crazy and overwhelming at times," she said.

"What Deb does is something that most people wouldn't ever take on in their life," said Murphy.

It is worth it in the end.

"And then I'll see one of my dogs, they'll come over to me and I'll look in their eyes and I'll know it's all worth it. That's my purpose right now," said Inman.

Inman says her pack is complete. She's just trying to maintain things now, but it costs about $14,000 a year to take care of them.

To donate to her cause or learn about volunteering opportunities, click here or here.

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