Ag Answers - 8/29

By Drew Wilder |

Published 08/29 2014 09:06AM

Updated 08/29 2014 09:09AM

Q1:   Area crop tours recently have indicated record yield potential throughout the area.  What did the tours find?
-Douglas County Farm Bureau found an average of 206.9 bpa with range of 159-263 bpa
-Some Gray Leaf Spot observed in corn and even hail damaged corn near Tuscola yielded 180
Q2:  So next crop survey came from Topflight Grain covering Piatt County and part of Champaign and Macon Counties.  What were their results?
-Topflight Grain found an average of 210 bpa.   Range was from 185 to 243 bpa
-They also do a soybean pod count and they found an average of 55 pods per plant compared to last years 32.   Range from 46 to 68
Q3:  Premier Coop covers Champaign County and parts of Vermilion, Ford and Douglas Counties.  Their results?
-Average was 221 bpa.  Former record was 2009 at 194 bpa
-All 21 regions were over 200 bpa, ranging from 203 to 257 bpa
Q4:  Pro Farmer did a tour of the major corn producing states and Illinois was the "garden spot".   What were their results?
-Illinois 196.6, up from 170 year ago and 3 year average of 149
-USDA is estimating a record 188 for Illinois
Q5:  The rains that are producing record yields are also perfect conditions for the "fungus amongus", soybean diseases like Sudden Death Syndrome, Phytopthera,  charcoal rot or white mold. 
What do you have here?
-sudden death syndrome or SDS
-first discovered in Arkansas in 1971, worst when soy planted into cool wet soil and when heavy summer rains saturate soil
-SDS overwinters in soil
-usually in small area often in wet or compacted areas
-then infected areas enlarge
-some varieties are less sensitive, but none are resistant
-avoid early planting

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