Mom finds Angel Among Us at doctor's office

By Jennifer Roscoe |

Published 02/20 2014 11:33AM

Updated 02/21 2014 10:04AM

DANVILLE -- Many believe things happen for a reason and that people are brought together for a purpose. That was the case in one area doctor's office where the worlds of two moms collided and one became an Angel Among Us. WCIA-3's Jennifer Roscoe introduces us.

It was a day a little girl can't remember and one a mom will never forget.

"I heard a loud bang almost like a firecracker and it woke me up," remembered Kimberly Netherly. "I brought my hand up. I couldn't see it, the TV, nothing. I couldn't see anything."

Kimberly's house was on fire. She found her daughter, Jazzy, and got her outside. She stumbled back in to get little Sterling.

"The only thing going through my mind was, 'I'm getting my kids out of here. One way or another, my kids are out of here.'"

She and the kids were finally safe, but it was too late for the house and almost everything inside. Firefighters told Kimberly to get herself and the kids checked out at the doctor. They were all covered in soot.

Kimberly only had slippers and pajamas on. She told the receptionist what happened. Toni Holmes was there too for a doctor's appointment and overheard the conversation.

Toni said, "When I seen them, the little girl didn't have shoes. I was just thinking how cold they were at the time and how scared the kids were. I mean Kimberly was still shaking."

Toni's 13-year old daughter, Serenity, heard it all too.

She said to her mom, "I really want to take this family to a store and spend a couple hundred dollars on them.'

Her mom said yes and told the receptionist to tell Kimberly to meet then at Dollar General. Kimberly recalled that moment.

"They didn't know me and my kids. They didn't have to help. They could have heard the story and walked out of there."

Instead Toni took Kimberly up and down the aisles, filling a cart with the essentials.

"It was like we were old friends," Kimberly said. "Serenity took my daughter off and they kept coming back with stuff. 'Can she get this? Can she get that?'"

The answer was yes to everything.

Kimberly said, "She gave me a big hug out in the parking lot and she just said, 'It will get better and it will stay better.' I really seen the light at the end of the tunnel at that point. That a total stranger would do all that."

But the giving didn't end there. Toni helped again.

"My oldest daughter put a plug in on Facebook, explained the story and asked if anyone else had anything they would like to donate."

Dozens did just that.

"Donations came and came and came," remembered Kimberly. "There was just boxes and totes and toys of all kinds."

Now Kimberly and her family are in a new home. They have clothes and toys and, most importantly, each other. One thing she's still searching for? A way to repay her good Samaritan.

"I've always said to her 'I don't even know how to thank you.' Thank you doesn't seem like enough."

Toni replied, "Just her being happy and seeing the kids happy is all I want."

"She was brought into my life for a reason. She was our angel."

Toni and Kimberly still text each other and are Facebook friends. Toni told her to pay it forward and Kimberly is looking for her chance.

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