Current: Kids can drown after they're out of the water

By Cynthia Bruno |

Published 06/05 2014 10:00AM

Updated 06/05 2014 10:44AM

ILLINOIS--Your kids can still drown up to 72 hours after they're out of the pool. 
WCIA 3's Cynthia Bruno is keeping you current about this summertime danger. 
She sat down with Dr. Dawn Brunner from Christie Clinic to talk about why drowning is a danger even after kids are out of the water.

Dr. Brunner says dry drowning and secondary drowning cases account for about 1% of all drowning cases.
It can happen anywhere from one to 72 hours after a struggle in the water occurs.
Dr. Brunner says dry drowning happens when there's a spasm in someone's bronchi (the main passageway to a person's lungs) and restricts oxygen to the body.
She says secondary drowning happens when the child inhales water.
That causes an irritation in the lungs which leads to inflammation and fluid collecting.

Dr. Brunner says parents need to watch their child for signs of coughing, fatigue, increased breathing, and change in color.
She says if you notice these signs, call 911.

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