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Published 08/26 2014 08:45AM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:52AM

Good morning I'm Sandy Mason with the U of I Extension and I'm out here at the Idea Garden.
The great thing about the Idea Garden is there's lots of things you can come away with.
Start writing down some plant names and get some ideas for your own garden.
It's just South of the corner of Florida and Lincoln in Urbana.
The Champaign County Master Gardeners due a super job of coming up with different things each year -- so each year it changes.
I think one of the things about this year, it may not have been one of the best year's for tropicals.
But this tropical area as you can see has really done very well.
We're finally getting into the type of weather that these plants love.
They love this hot humid stuff we've gotten into finally , and you can see they're really enjoying this.
So isn't this a fabulous plant?
This is actually a Red Banana.
Now for most of these -- they're a tropical plant so they aren't going to be hearty here.
So these are ones that are actually going to have to be dug up, pulled in.
A lot of these actually go into the U of I Greenhouses for the summer but isn't this a fabulous plant?
I love these.
And even when you start getting into some of the gingers you can see for a lot of these plants we're really looking at the foliage as much as anything.
So very dramatic types of foliage.
There's also lots and lots of different types of elephant ears.
People might just think of the traditional green one.
But what you'll find is there is just any number of these that have fabulous foliage.
The Master Gardeners do a great job of labeling so you can start writing down things you love. 
I love having these dark colored ears along with these chartruse colors. They really are a knockout.
I think the great thing about these is that they really do like this hot humid weather we typically have in summertime.
They need a certain amount of moisture so they're another one of those that certainly need to be watered on a regular basis.
Look at this is this tropical or what?
This is a wonderful Bergmanzea -- and those are just fabulous flowers and just a wonderful plant.
It's one that's going to have to be dug up and put into a greenhouse or somewhere warm but you can see that every year it just gets bigger and bigger.
These are just wonderful and many more of these elephant ears with all kinds of colors and textures.
I just love these.
I think the one thing that's a tropical plant that we may not always think of  that just don't like full sun -- vermiliads and any number of those that would actually be underneath a tree store actually don't like it.
So the Master Gardeners did a super nice job of making this structure and it's just a simple kind of pvc pipe with a rofia kind of mesh over the top and so it really works out well as  little bit of a shade structure.
And then you can't see it real well but we've got some passion flower vine growing across the top.
It makes a sort of wonderful structure for things like colias, some of the caladiums, and some of the tropical plants that really don't like that full sun.
So lots of great ideas out here at the idea garden.
Hopefully you get a chance to come out, it's always open, come out, wonder around, get some great ideas for your own garden.
I'm Sandy Mason with the U of I Extension and I'm glad you joined me out here in the Idea Garden.

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