Kid to Know may be next big singer-songwriter

Published 03/05 2013 04:25PM

Updated 03/05 2013 06:07PM

CHAMPAIGN -- This Kid to Know proves you can do anything with music. She's taking her talents and turning them into "A's."

Remember this name...Kayla Israel. She may just be the next big singer-songwriter.

The fifth-grader has been playing guitar and composing music for two years now. Her teacher at Booker T. Washington School nominated her to be a Kid to Know after she wrote a song for a school project. It earned her an "A+" of course.

Kayla says she hears patterns in everything, so she was a natural for songwriting. Kayla has written all her songs into one book since she was eight. She says she would, one day, like to be part of a garage band.

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