Kid to Know's generosity comes back to him

By Jennifer Roscoe |

Published 05/28 2013 04:39PM

Updated 08/19 2014 05:38PM

Update: 4:21 pm, 8/19/14, Tuesday
GIBSON CITY -- This Kid to Know's caring spirit is paying off for him as well. You met Alaric Fulton in May, 2013. The 8-year old, from Monticello, asked for donations for the Harvest Moon Drive-In Theatre, instead of birthday presents. He ended up raising $1,000.

A neighbor nominated Alaric for a contest run by Kohl's. It's to honor kids who have a giving heart. The store picked him as a regional winner. He won $1,000 scholarship for college. The theater isn't the only place Alaric has helped. He asked for donations instead of presents for every single birthday he's ever had.
Original: 4:39 pm, 5/28/13, Tuesday
MONTICELLO -- A Kid to Know would rather be outside, watching a summer flick, so he pitched in to keep a favorite summer spot open. The Harvest Moon Drive-In put out a call for help to stay in business.

Alaric Fulton was listening. For his 7th birthday, he asked friends to donate money instead of bringing him presents.

They filled up the basket and he was able to turn over a big check to the drive in for $500. Neal Tire and Auto matched his $500 after hearing about his efforts.

This isn't the first time Alaric has given up birthday presents for a good cause. He's done it every birthday.

One time, he collected school supplies for an orphanage in Haiti. Another year, he collected money to buy firefighters a new tool for their truck.

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