Behind the Badge with Lieutenant Bryant Seraphin

By Anthony Antoine |

Published 05/20 2014 10:53AM

Updated 06/16 2015 03:02PM

URBANA -- An area officer says working in law enforcement is always a challenge, but Lieutenant Bryant Seraphin has it down pat and he's doubling up on his "fatherly" duties outside work. WCIA-3's Anthony Antoine introduces the man Behind the Badge.

He juggles his responsibilities as a detective with being a father to his two kids. Although the job can be demanding, he makes sure he's a major part of his kids' lives. Lt. Bryant Seraphin has nearly 20 years with the Urbana Police Department.

"I've been fortunate to be in investigations for awhile and to help oversee some of the more complex cases."

Working as a detective comes with long hours, but his days don't end there.

"I personally was not a very good baseball player. I played a bit of little league and sat on the bench quite a bit."

Now, he's carrying a clipboard, helping out with his son's little league baseball team.

"It's great when the young men do something that's positive."

Getting involved with the team wasn't part of the plan.

"There was a head coach and a couple, three assistants, so I sat and I watched. When I showed up for practice number two, the head coach was the only guy there." He approached the coach and said, "I don't know much about baseball, but I can herd cats. What do you want me to do? And, from then on out, I've been involved."

But, Seraphin has twin boys and only one plays baseball, so after the games, he packs his bags, loads the family van and meets up with his other son at Boy Scouts.

"It's very concentrated time for 18 years and then they're off to college, so I want to be as involved as I can."

"We started out in the first year. All of the nine boys who came to the first meeting have all stayed with scouting and I think that says a lot about our dad."

"We were in Cub Scouts. He definitely was the person who made us get through it."

"I think a lot of the stuff it teaches, with regards to leadership and personal independence, a lot of character traits that I want to develop in them."

And some strong muscles as well, but the most important people in his life recognize his effort.

"He could really spend some more time at the office, but instead he chooses to come and do things like this with us. I really like that."

"Some of the times, the people we run into didn't have a positive influence in their personal life or in their recreational life, and if we can, as a community, do these things for the young people, hopefully they won't have interactions with those of us behind the badge later."

Seraphin says he watches videos on YouTube to get some tips on coaching baseball, but he admits he couldn't balance the job and the extracurricular activities without help from his wife.

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