AG must repay pensioners' premiums

By Matt Porter |

Published 08/20 2014 04:30PM

Updated 08/29 2014 06:10PM

Update: 6:03 pm, 8/29/14, Friday
ILLINOIS -- Good news for state retirees when it comes to their money. A Sangamon County court agreed with the Supreme Court's ruling revoking the premium increases on some state retirees.

The judge filed an injunction stopping any more payments from people with more than 20-years in state government to their health plans. The Supreme Court said those payments violated their constitutional right to free healthcare during their retirement.

The Attorney General now has until October 13 to create a plan to pay pensioners back for premiums already paid.
Original: 4:30 pm, 8/20/14, Wednesday
ILLINOIS -- State retirees who saw a victory in court last month, may have another reason to celebrate. The state is rolling back its insurance premium increases.

People involved in the issue say it's likely because of last month's Supreme Court ruling against the state to impose any premiums at all for retirees who served at least 20 years, so they're moving back to their original rates from before July 1.

The Supreme Court ruled retirees who were promised free healthcare in their retirement were entitled to it as a constitutional right. The final decision will actually come from a Sangamon County court expected to rule at the end of August.

Central Management Services, which announced the rollback, could only say it will be coming but it's not known when. The deposits of retirees affected by the court's decision are being kept in a secure escrow account. They'll be repaid if the Supreme Court's decision is confirmed by the lower court.

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