Audit digs up dirt in road construction accounting

Published 05/15 2013 05:56PM

Updated 05/15 2013 06:22PM

SPRINGFIELD -- A state audit is digging up some dirt on the road construction fund. It found less than half the money was actually used for construction costs.

The auditor looked over the past ten years. In eight of those ten years, less than half the money from the fund was actually going toward construction costs. It refers to payments for upgrades, repairs and maintenance to the state's highways.

The other half was being used for things like employee salaries, group health insurance and worker's compensation. Pension payments also took a big chunk of change.

Senator Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) says he was pretty disappointed after reading the report and seeing where a lot of the money went. The General Assembly actually requested the audit. Senator Brady says they wanted to know where the money was going and how exactly it was being used.

IDOT doesn't agree with the audit's findings. Reps say those numbers are "up for interpretation" and argue 75% of the road fund is spent on transportation, with only 25% going to other state agencies.

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