Car chase & shooting in nation's Capitol

Published 10/03 2013 05:14PM

Updated 10/04 2013 10:02AM

Update: 9:33 pm
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Police are still trying to sort out the dramatic moments of a police chase near the nation's Capitol. They were scary moments for everyone on Capitol Hill, and one of our local lawmakers is telling his story.

Congressman Rodney Davis (R) was in his office, far away from all of it, but he is still a bit shaken. Like every other member of Congress, Rodney Davis is giving a shout out to the Capitol Police. He says he is not sure what motivated the events, but it surely got everyone's attention.

"I was just wrapping up a meeting regarding some manufacturing issues in my office and visible alarms went off."

At that point, an already tense Capitol Hill intensified. A woman who tried to drive her car through a White House checkpoint led police on a chase toward Capitol Hill. In the end, there was gunfire, a woman dead, an officer hurt, and a Capitol stunned.

"My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims," Davis said.

Davis got the word out quickly that he and his staff were safe.

"Since I was in my office in a building and I didn't have access to a view that would have shown the Capitol, we just didn't feel close. And it's a situation that happens, unfortunately, too often in Washington, when they'll ask you to lock down in your office due to an incident."

Davis says this will no doubt bring everyone together. But will it be enough to break the impasse and get government working again?

"I hope that it doesn't take a tragedy like this to get Republicans and Democrats to sit down and talk. Real people are being affected by this shutdown. But today's the day that we've got to put our focus on making sure that our thoughts and prayers go out to the people most affected by this tragedy out here in Washington, especially the Capitol Police officer or officers who were injured."

The lock-down was lifted about an hour after the situation was under control. Congress got back to work and its first order of business was to thank Capitol Police.
Original: 5:14 pm
SPRINGFIELD -- If tensions weren't high enough already in Washington, a chase and shooting caused a scary situation on Capitol Hill. It started at the White House and ended at the Capitol Building. It put a lot of D.C. on lock-down.

A woman driver reportedly tried to drive through a security checkpoint at the White House. She then started driving erratically toward the Capitol. Police chased her car down the street.

One officer crashed during the chase and was airlifted to the hospital. When police finally caught up with the woman, they opened fire on her when she got out of her car.

That's when Capitol Police locked down Capitol Hill. Representative Rodney Davis (R) of the 13th District says, thankfully he and his staff are fine.

The suspect is believed to have been killed. She had a child in the car and the child appears to be fine as well. The officer was airlifted from the scene and is believed to have non-life threatening injuries.

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