Changes considered for concealed-carry?

Published 08/20 2013 12:53PM

Updated 08/20 2013 01:21PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Another state lawmaker wants to make changes about a month after concealed-carry became law. Representative Bill Mitchell (R), of Forsyth, filed bills to ease some of the restrictions. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

Mitchell says he's not waiting for the permit process to begin. He wants to open the debate now so gun owners in our state have the best bill possible.

When all the votes were counted and the bill became law, neither side said they were completely happy with concealed-carry. Some said there weren't enough restrictions, others said there were too many.

"There were a lot of people who urged me not to vote for the concealed-carry bill because it was too restrictive. And I, of course, voted for it because I think we can amend the bill and make changes."

Mitchell just wrote three new bills to make major changes to concealed-carry. The first would reduce the permit fee from $150 to $100. Mitchell also wants to cut the training time included in the permit in half. And, he wants gun owners with permits from other states to be allowed to carry in Illinois.

"A lot of people in Central Illinois that I talk to think this is a second amendment right and the way the bill was designed in Springfield was a way to limit the number of people who would participate in concealed-carry."

The man who sponsored the concealed-carry bill says Mitchell is acting too quickly and not giving the law a chance to breathe. Mitchell says it's time to start talking.

"I filed my legislation because I think the debate should start right now."

Shortly after the bill became law, a lawmaker form the Chicago-area filed a bill to add churches to the list of restricted places. Lawmakers are expected to discuss the proposals when they return for the veto session in November.

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