Former governor gives perspective on state issues

Published 06/06 2013 09:11PM

Updated 06/07 2013 11:07AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Critics say Governor Quinn isn't doing a good enough job as a leader, but some experts say it might not all be his fault. Political tensions are hitting the boiling point in Springfield.

State leaders haven't been able to agree on a number of big issues facing the state and some, are pointing the finger at the governor. Critics are quick to blame Quinn for the state's mountain of problems like debt, pensions and concealed-carry, saying he can't rally lawmakers together to get these things done.

A panel of political experts say it might not all be his fault. Former governor Jim Edgar led a discussion at UIS Thursday night discussing why being governor in Illinois is so tough since there's a huge gap between what Chicago wants and what downstate areas want.

Edgar says that's why lawmakers often have trouble agreeing on how to tackle the big ticket issues. He says having a governor who can look through both lenses is the only way Illinois will get back on its feet.

This upstate-downstate war is nothing new. He had to deal with it when he was governor too. It seems worse right now because the issues we're up against are so important.

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