Governor confident lawmakers will fix pension & budget

Published 05/24 2013 05:41PM

Updated 05/24 2013 06:22PM

SPRINGFIELD -- The pressure's on for lawmakers to pass pension reform. They take off for summer break next Friday. They don't appear to be any closer to reaching a deal. WCIA-3's Brittany Harris finds out what Governor Quinn thinks about the issue.

Quinn has been pretty vocal about pension reform. He says a plan needs to be passed and soon. But, making that happen is going to be tough.

The Senate and House are torn between two plans. The first gives workers and retirees more say in what they have to give up, while the other would make changes across the board.

That's the bill Governor Quinn supports. He says he's not worried about the looming deadline. He thinks lawmakers will find a way to reach a deal.

"We're getting very, very close. We're making great progress, but we still have one more thing to do. That's to get a bill on my desk. If we do that, we will help the most people and our economy here in Illinois."

Critics say Governor Quinn should be doing more to help. They say he made a promise a year ago to solve the pension crisis and argue, to this day, there's really been no progress.

Governor Quinn isn't the only one speaking up. Union leaders are voicing their opinions too. They want to make sure benefits for workers and retirees are protected. If nothing is done about the budget, Quinn says it will continue to squeeze the state's finances and Illinois could face even more credit downgrades.

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