ISP blames overtime problems on state budget

By Kelsey Gibbs |

Published 05/28 2014 05:20PM

Updated 11/04 2015 12:03PM

ILLINOIS -- The Illinois State Police is clocking in millions of dollars in overtime pay. Nearly $2 million was paid in overtime in the last fiscal year. ISP is blaming previous and future budgets.

The 2013 budget dished out $383 million for state police operations; down from $417 million in 2010. Total overtime increased by 20,000 hours in 2013.

An ISP spokesperson says a decrease in cadet classes and last year's harsh winter added to the cost, but lawmakers believe the money could have been used differently.

Police overtime is accounted for and spent in a number of areas like resources to assist other law enforcement agencies, crime scenes, weather emergencies and special events.

State police issued a statement:

        Expending overtime dollars for law enforcement is not the preferred option,
        however, it is a necessary option when public safety emergencies arise and
        permanent resources are not available. Hundreds of local and county law
        enforcement agencies rely on the support of the ISP, our specialized units,
        labs, investigative units and our patrol officers for assistance and police
        response 24/7 and we cannot ignore our public safety mission or        
        compromise public safety.

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