Kids could learn new sex ed curriculum

Published 04/19 2013 06:06PM

Updated 04/23 2013 02:16PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Lawmakers could soon change the way your kids learn sex education in school. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

The bill states public schools would have to teach "medically accurate material" involving complete and detailed information. Currently, sex ed classes have to teach abstinence as the only form of protection.

The new curriculum would still focus on that, but would also include lessons about contraception, abortion and sexual orientation. Supporters say the more accurate information kids know, the safer they'll be.

Critics worry it will only encourage them to experiment more which could mean big problems. The bill only requires the extra in-depth material for grades 6 - 12. Parents would have the option of pulling kids out of class if they want to.

Still, a lot of people think it should be left up to the school district. The bill just barely made it past the House. Now it moves to the Senate.

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