Kids with epilepsy can now get medical marijuana

By Kelsey Gibbs |, Gary Brode |

Published 07/20 2014 08:50PM

Updated 07/21 2014 05:29PM

Update: 5:20 pm, 7/21/14, Monday
ILLINOIS -- Parents of children who suffer from epilepsy can soon have access to a new treatment. Adults and children who suffer seizures will be able to use medical marijuana. The state is adding it to the list of who can use it. WCIA-3's Kelsey Gibbs keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

One mother whose child suffers from epilepsy says she couldn't be more proud of the efforts to help treat her daughter. Eva looks like your typical 7-year old, but she suffers a rare illness.

"Eva has intractable epilepsy which is a severe form of a seizure disorder."

Her mother says, in order to control Eva's epilepsy, she has to take a lot of medications, but sometimes they don't work.

"She currently takes seven medications for it that don't really help her seizures. I mean, sometimes we have good days, but some days are more challenging than others."

Pellman says, sometimes she's traveled as far as Colorado so her daughter could be prescribed medical marijuana.

"Eva got to a point where she wasn't doing very well, so our travel wasn't an option for her."

But soon, Eva can get medical marijuana here. Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation over the weekend allowing children with epilepsy to take an oil-based, low-to-zero, THC medical cannabis. It takes effect in January.

Pellman says she can't wait.

"Very eager. Very eager to try it and, like I said, you do whatever it takes to make your child's life easier, better."

The Department of Public Health will create rules for the treatment of children using medical marijuana.
Original: 8:50 pm, 7/20/14, Sunday
SPRINGFIELD -- Children with epilepsy can now be treated with marijuana. A new state law would let minors use medical marijuana for their medical condition.

Epilepsy will now be added to the list of treatable diseases in Illinois’ medical cannabis pilot program. Right now only adults can use medical marijuana. The law will take effect at the start of the new year.

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