Lawmakers admit concealed-carry isn't ideal

Published 07/09 2013 07:12PM

Updated 07/10 2013 10:43AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Concealed-carry is finally on the books, but some lawmaker say it's still not perfect. A lot of them voted to override, even though they don't like everything about the new law.

There were quite a few lawmakers who say they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. They wanted to see some stricter gun regulations, like how many you can carry and where.

They're some of the same things Governor Quinn proposed, but if the override failed, Wednesday, gun owners would have been able to carry anywhere without any training or rules. So, lawmakers say it's better to have some sort of protections in place to at least keep guns out of areas like schools and parks, than nothing at all.

The senate passed a follow-up bill Tuesday which includes some other regulations. The house shot it down Tuesday afternoon. There will most likely continue to be new bills like that pop up as lawmakers try to tweak concealed-carry. But, they say, for now, this is the best thing for public safety.

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