Lawmakers anxious for governor to pull trigger on concealed-carry

Published 06/25 2013 05:03PM

Updated 06/26 2013 12:11PM

SPRINGFIELD -- The clock is ticking on concealed-carry, so lawmakers are calling on Governor Quinn to make a move. They're not trying to sway him, but do want him to act.

The July 9 deadline to have a law in place is two weeks away. Lawmakers say, if Quinn is going to veto, they want plenty of time to come up with something else. So far, Quinn hasn't said what he's going to do with the bill lawmakers sent him earlier this month.

It would let people 21 and over get a carry permit as long as they have 16 hours of training. Some lawmakers are getting frustrated at having to wait for Quinn's answer because a few counties have already stopped prosecuting for having a gun in public. They're worried somebody will get hurt.

But, Quinn says it's a complex issue so he doesn't want to rush it. Lawmakers say they've been told they could be called back for a special session July 8. That's just a day before the court-ordered deadline which could mean a rewrite and a re-vote is on the way, or it could have something to do with pensions, which also has a July 9 deadline.

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