Lawmakers debate mental health and guns

Published 03/13 2013 06:11PM

Updated 05/08 2013 10:55AM

SPRINGFIELD -- The debate on gun control continues to heat up at the capitol. The big topic Wednesday was mental health.

Lawmakers went through a number of specific gun issues, just like they have been doing for a couple of weeks. But when they hit the topic of mental health, tempers flared. Most agree there needs to be some sort of mental health screening process. But lawmakers voted down a measure to require checks to get a FOID card.

They say background checks Illinois State Police already do are good enough. They also shot down a measure to limit guns in homes where people with a mental disorder live. Some say it's not safe. Others say it goes too far.

Lawmakers okayed a measure to require gun owners who live with a mental health patient to lock their firearms. They also said "yes" to a statewide gun registry.

A federal court is giving Illinois' lawmakers until June to put a concealed-carry package into practice. Governor Quinn wants to appeal that decision to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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