Lawmakers lobby for Health Alliance to be reinstated

Published 10/31 2013 12:24PM

Updated 10/31 2013 01:48PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Two lawmakers want Health Alliance back in the state retirees' healthcare contract. The state dropped the Urbana-based provider earlier this month.

Some lawmakers aren't happy about the way it was handled. State Senator Chapin Rose (R) and State Representative Chad Hayes (R) each filed resolutions urging Governor Quinn to get Health Alliance back into the state's contract, at least for Central Illinois.

Earlier this year, the healthcare contracts were rebid because the unions and the state negotiated a new contract. It left Health Alliance out completely.

But, here's the problem; Health Alliance's bid was cheaper than the providers the state ended up with, costing taxpayers between $60 - 280 million extra. That's why lawmakers want Health Alliance back in the picture.

The state says it didn't go with Health alliance because it doesn't insure people statewide. Lawmakers question whether that disqualification was intentional and they're asking for more transparency on what went on during the bidding process.

In the meantime, if you're on Health Alliance right now, you can still go to Carle when the new contract kicks in. It could cost you more or less than you're paying now, depending on your situation.

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