Mobile home buyer not told about prior meth connection

Published 05/08 2013 05:28PM

Updated 05/08 2013 05:31PM

SPRINGFIELD -- When you buy a new home, you expect it to be safe, so imagine one man's surprise when he found out the house he bought for his daughter's family used to be a meth lab. Now state lawmakers are stepping in so it won't happen again.

The problem is, since it was a mobile home, it's considered a vehicle under the law. That means the owner didn't have to disclose its previous use as a meth lab.

Dennis Fett paid about $2,500 for the mobile home, but when he found out it used to be a meth lab, he refused to let his family move in. Now it just sits there.

Fett's story caught lawmakers' attention. A bill is making its way through the General Assembly which would require mobile home owners to notify potential tenants if the property was used as a meth lab.

It wouldn't help Fett since he already owns the home. But Fett still told his story in a House committee Wednesday to try to get something done. Fett says it would cost  about $20,000 to have the home cleaned out to make it safe and the same amount to just dispose of it, so he's really just stuck.

The bill passed out of the House committee Wednesday and heads to the floor. It's already passed the Senate with no one voting against it.

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