New election rules could make voting easier

By Matt Porter |

Published 07/02 2014 09:44PM

Updated 07/08 2014 12:11PM

ILLINOIS -- New election rules are making it easier for many to get out and vote. A new bill signed this week will allow Election Day registration, and relax early voting regulations. WCIA-3's Matt Porter finds out how it's going to make voting more accessible.

For many in Illinios, they say voting is one of their most important rights as citizens.

"I always think it's very important to vote," said Angela Tin, of Springfield. "I encouraged my son to vote as soon as he became of age."

Voting's importance is why Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill extending early voting and even allowing people to register on Election Day. The new law also gets rid of an ID requirement for early voters.

"If somebody asked me for my identification," said Elizabeth Simpson, of Springfield, "And I voted for fifty years, I would resent it."

County election offices across the state are preparing for extra staffing to meet the new requirements.

"Being that this is the first time we ever had this, you don't know exactly what to expect," said Sangamon County Director of Elections Stacey Kern.

Voters wishing to register on the same day as the election will be required to visit specific polling places reserved to process same-day applications. In Sangamon County, it's the election office in the county complex downtown.

"We're not really used to customers coming into our office and voting that day. So that will be a dramatic change, but we will make sure we are ready," Kern said.

The new rules are only good for the 2014 election. Republicans complain it was done to help more Democrats vote.

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