Quinn to continue pushing for safer concealed-carry

Published 07/09 2013 07:09PM

Updated 07/09 2013 07:11PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois is joining the rest of the country in allowing people to carry loaded guns in public, but Governor Quinn isn't happy about the fine print. The house and senate both voted to override the governor's changes and it left him fired up. He says it will put public safety at risk.

The governor spoke to reporters just minutes after the house voted against a follow-up bill which would have included some of his changes. He told reporters the law is full of short-comings which will lead to tragedies.

But, lawmakers resoundingly voted against his changes to put a law on the books the same day of a federal court deadline. Still, Quinn says he won't stop fighting for the changes he proposed. There still may be time for him to push for a few tweaks. State police have six months to put together a permit system, so it could actually be 2014 before the first concealed-carry permits are even issued.

The law says you have to be at least 21-years old to get a permit. You'll have to pay a $150 fee and attend 16 hours of firearm training as well as undergo a background check. The permit lasts five years. Even with a permit, you still won't be able to carry in certain places like schools and hospitals.

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