Same-sex marriage still up for debate

Published 06/01 2013 10:02PM

Updated 06/03 2013 12:16PM

Update: 10:02 pm, 6/1/13, Saturday
SPRINGFIELD -- A measure which would have made Illinois the 13th state to allow same-sex couples to marry fell short this week. The bill, which passed through the Senate earlier this year, didn't make it through the House.

The bill's sponsor says the votes just aren't there right now. He says several legislators told him they want to go home and discuss the issue with their constituents. Representative Greg Harris (D-CHICAGO) says he may try to call the bill during the veto session this fall if the votes are there.

Original: 4:45 pm, 5/31/13, Friday
SPRINGFIELD -- In the State House, advocates on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue, anxiously awaited debate from lawmakers late into the afternoon.

Patrick Bova and James Darby, of Chicago, have been together nearly 50-years. Bova says now is a better time than ever for Illinois to adopt a same-sex marriage law.

But, religious leaders argue the nation is becoming more liberal and creating one legal institution for both same- and opposite-sex couples would strip away the essential purposes of marriage.

Still, gay couples like Bova and Darby say their relationship should not be viewed differently than those of heterosexual couples.

If the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act bill becomes law, Illinois would be the 13th state in the nation to recognize the unions of homosexual couples.

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