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State continues losing residents

ILLINOIS -- New numbers show just how many people are leaving the state. More than 34,000 left for Indiana in 2015. Many experts say there's no telling when the migration will end.

For the past few years, it's as if a dark cloud hangs over the state. Everyday without a budget passed, the possibility of another future taxpayer goes down the drank.

"People are not motivated to stay in the state because the mood, so, it's not just the business climate, it's how people feel."

The mood is dim. According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report, people are still leaving the Land of Lincoln in droves of thousands. Experts say that number is likely to grow.

"Unless the political climate changes, unless they make some kind of reforms, this net migration is going to continue."

Lower property tax, greater business opportunity and a reliable government are the more alluring offerings from other states.

"I don't know if the jobs are here that are spurring the growth that we need to bring some really young professionals in."

While retired people moving out of state is normal, real estate agents tell me the amount of young people leaving is alarming.

"What we need is some people that want to move here."

Real estate broker Kyle Killebrew says, with fewer buyers on the market, there could be an imbalance in the future market.

"Eventually, if we continue to see these people move out of town, you know, there's not someone to fill their spots. The average rates in the market will go up."

So far, housing markets in Central Illinois have not seen a major impact from the impasse but, if migration continues, real estate experts say it could change as early as fall.

They say July, August and September may be slower than their typical average.

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