State lacks budget, but not campaign $$

ILLINOIS -- The state is rolling in dough when it comes to the race for the next governor.

Illinois ranks first for the most cash on hand for a gubernatorial campaign. Most of it comes from Governor Bruce Rauner's $50 million campaign contribution to his own fund.

But, he's not the only billionaire in the race. J.B. Pritzker also just dropped $7 million into his campaign. Right now, more than $60 million is invested in all campaigns combined between both parties.

Some people say Rauner's duct tape ads make it look like he's running for governor again. Even though he's not confirming his run right now, last year he put $50 million into his campaign fund.

In total, Illinois' pot is sitting at $61 million.

"There's nothing we can do about it. They're going to do anything to win and, if you want to win against someone who has money, you better have money."

A study conducted by the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform gathered the data in gubernatorial races in seven highly populated states. Texas is the only state close to Illinois with $34 million. Regardless of the money, some say it won't make a difference.

"They keep making promises and promises aren't selling."

People reacted when asked if money will win the next election.

"Not my favorite man in the world, but you got a minute and think it makes sense. I think the idea and how long you can stay in office is that we really need to do something about that."

On the other hand, some are still upset with the lack of progress.

"I'll believe it when I see it. Right now, I'm not seeing it, so I'm not believing it."

The study also found more millions could be on the way as it was determined the money flow will be "unprecedented."

"It's nothing we can do about it. They have the money. They pour it in. It's their loss, so we just hope we have to find a good, rich guy." 

At least one other Republican, who could throw his hat into the race, is Senator Sam McCann who'd be running against Rauner.

Illinois has six Democrats running for governor.

While Democratic Senator Daniel Biss is lagging behind the competition in campaign contributions, he did just hire some strategists to help. One is an expert from President Obama's campaign and another is a former National Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee.

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