State tries to ensure schools/daycares comply with IPM

By Alex Davis |

Published 11/22 2013 11:28AM

Updated 11/22 2013 11:34AM

SPRINGFIELD -- A problem is putting children at risk of getting sick. The state requires daycares and school to follow rules for bug control, but some aren't filling out the forms. WCIA-3's Alex Davis has more.

Those not complying could soon face a fine. It's called "integrated pest management (IPM )" and it's a system the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) has in place to help schools and daycares cut down on pests and rodents. It helps keep students safe and healthy.

Janel Veile values cleanliness. That's one of the reasons she chose First Impressions Day Care to care for her kids.

"I'm shocked how clean they keep it sometimes with all these kids that are running around."

She says it makes sense for IDPH to monitor pest control.

"Diseases are spread by certain insects and I would definitely want to make sure that that's something being regulated."

There's about 3,500 daycare centers and 1,000 schools in the state, but more than 250 aren't in compliance with the state's IPM regulations.

"You know, we watch what the daycare feeds our kids, how many kids are in a room, how long they're taking naps, you know, all that sort of things. And pest control should be something that's also looked at for cleanliness."

Fortunately for her, the center is run by a registered nurse who knows the importance of sanitation.

"There's enough childhood illnesses that go around, just because of viruses and things we definitely don't want to, you know, make that worse, obviously by having there being rodents or bugs or anything like that that could also carry diseases."

IDPH says it's taking these efforts seriously and those locations not in compliance could face fines.

"The most important thing with us caring for children is their safety, first and foremost."

The first offense brings a warning. IDPH will fine facilities $150 for the second offense, and as much as $350 for a third. The law requires public schools and licensed daycare centers to fill out a form with the department to let IDPH know how they plan on implementing IPM.

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