The Taxman Cometh?

Published 04/02 2013 10:14PM

Updated 04/03 2013 10:44AM

SPRINGFIELD -- The state may be in a budget crunch, but one department wants to hire more people and says those employees will make more money for the state than they cost. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

When you fill out your tax return, you know there's one thing you want to avoid; an audit. But, for the State of Illinois, audit isn't a dirty word. It's a money maker.

Sue Hofer is a spokesperson for the Department of Revenue (DOR). Even though this year's state budget is grim, DOR is asking for enough money to hire 75 new people. All of them would be auditors.

"It may seem odd to hire new people, especially as we're talking about huge cuts to education. But, the state says this math adds up. On average, every dollar you pay an auditor, you get $8 back in uncollected taxes."

With the current staff, auditors collect about a half-billion a year yet cost just $70 million. The General Assembly will decide whether DOR gets the money and whether there will be more taxmen to track down taxpayers. Taxes are due April 15.

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