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You Paid for It: DNR per diems

Published 11/15 2013 01:48PM

Updated 11/19 2013 04:00PM

SPRINGFIELD -- More information is coming out about reimbursements for DNR administrators. Thursday night's investigation found three higher-ups were reimbursed $20,000 for mileage in one year. Now, WCIA-3's Steve Staeger is looking at their eating habits during those trips.

Any state employee who travels gets paid a per diem for meals. Two of the administrators we tracked were on the list. They obviously travel all around the state.

Regional manager James Modglin got about $1,600 in per diems in that one year. Deputy director Travis Loyd collected about $1,100. Land management director Ron House did not collect any per diems. We were curious as to why, so we asked the DNR spokesman.

Each day a worker travels is split into four quarters; each worth $7. So, the most any employee can collect is $28/day.

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