You react to new state budget

By Alex Davis |

Published 07/01 2014 04:04PM

Updated 11/04 2015 12:03PM

ILLINOIS -- A lot of people are reacting to the tweaks Governor Quinn made to the budget. WCIA-3's Alex Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

The new fiscal year budget took effect Tuesday. Folks had a lot to say about it.

"I have a little problem with it. It's not balanced."

That pretty much sums up the thoughts from people on the street. The $4.4 billion budget hole has many taxpayers saying the same thing.

"We need to get our fiscal house in shape."

They support cutting $250 million in renovations to the State Capitol, but most agree, his last-minute cuts don't go far enough.

"I would suggest he cut that much money out of salaries instead of improvements, because we need the improvements, but salaries keep going up."

They say more cuts need to be made.

"They have to look at everything, not just the Capitol renovation. I mean, they have to look at entitlements, they have to look at everything across the board to cut."

But, a little more was done. Last week, the governor cut $55 million in state leases and quit footing the bill for some state employee parking spaces. Now, they're selling off some of the state's airplanes.

"I don't feel he should be spending any more money."

There could be a catch to Governor Quinn's budget approval, though. That $4.4 billion hole may have to be filled with your tax dollars.

"It hurts the young people, like you. I mean, taxes are going up, federal, state, county. Everything is going up because people want more money."

The Rauner campaign claims Governor Quinn is still cheating taxpayers and will hurt them further if lawmakers keep the income tax hike.

Quinn is aiming for lawmakers to return to Springfield this fall to make a 67% temporary income tax hike permanent.

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