John Boos Butcher Blocks

Published 06/13 2011 11:08AM

Updated 06/13 2011 11:18AM

A family business has lasted more than 120 years.
     And it all started in Our Town Effingham.
John boos opened in 1887.
    The founder Conrad Boos was originally a blacksmith.
    But one day a table he built caught the eye of a local butcher.
    The table was sturdy and made to absorb the shock of an anvil.
    That butcher then started using it in his own shop.
    Word quickly spread.
    Now John Boos is a major producer of butcher blocks and cutting boards across the country.
     It's even a favorite with big name chefs.
"Within five minutes they turn into little kids in a candy store. They're looking at this, they're looking at that, they're calling their other chef friends and saying..we've got to have this in our restaurant," says Norbert Bruce.
    John boos is in the kitchens of Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Emeril...even in the White House.
    And you'll know it's a john boos when you see the trademark boos block logo.

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