10-year old saves best friend's life

Published 12/03 2013 09:10PM

Updated 12/04 2013 10:54AM

DANVILLE -- Best friends will do a lot for each other, but a girl took that to a new level by saving her friend's life, all while risking her own. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has the story.

Macie Vaughn and Addison Wallace have been pretty much inseparable since birth.

"She's nice and she's funny," Wallace said.

"We just like to play together," Vaughn said.

Saturday, they decided to head down to the lake and sit on the dock. The water was covered in ice. Their friends were throwing rocks, trying to break it. Wallace turned around to watch, slipped and fell in the ice cold lake.

"I couldn't really move because the ice was surrounding me."

In shock, she held onto the dock yelling for help.

"I was hoping that Macie and my other cousins would save me."

The water wasn't deep, but the mud at the bottom was so sludgy it was like quicksand. Holding on tight, Wallace fought to stay above water.

"I just got down on my knees and tried my hardest to get her up," Vaughn said.

Friends ran up to the house to tell Wallace's mom that Addison was stuck in the water. She ran outside and breathed a sigh of relief at what she saw.

"Macie with her arm around Addie helping her up the stairs," Kelly Wallace said. "Addison should definitely be able to trust Macie with anything. She saved her life."

Not everyone is lucky enough to know the meaning of true friendship, but these two found it effortlessly.

"Thank you for saving me."

Other than being cold and shaken up, Addison walked away without a scratch.

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