13th District still undecided

Published 11/07 2012 03:04PM

Updated 11/07 2012 06:46PM

Update: 4:04 pm
CHAMPAIGN -- Rodney Davis is claiming victory in the 13th Congressional District, but his opponent isn't giving up. Davis leads Gill by 1,000 votes. Despite the numbers being in, Gill is questioning the results. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out why.

It's one of the most contested races from Tuesday. Both parties are looking ahead in a race which seems far from over.

The past couple of months have been filled with a lot of negative ads against both Davis and Gill. But, in the end, Davis says he won the race fair and square.

"We believe we've got a great path to victory and every single media outlet covering the election names us the winner."

But, not according to Gill. In March, Gill was running against Matt Goetten for the 13th Congressional seat. He was named the loser by several outlets and he's making sure that doesn't happen this time.

"It is grossly premature to claim victory."

The race was tight. Davis is leading Gill by less than half a percentage point district-wide. But, whether it's close or not, Davis says the numbers don't lie.

"There's no path to victor for Gill or anybody else."

Gill is spending time with his family while his team is hard at work crunching numbers to make sure there was a full and fair count on every ballot. But, Davis says the battle is over.

"It's up to him. It's David Gill's decision whether or not he wants to proceed."

Davis is reaching out to newly-elected officials and says he's heading to Washington next week. But Gill says he's not giving up on the race.

With a lot of mud-slinging in ads between the challengers, one expert says the battle isn't over.

"We will see a lot of back-and-forth in that seat and a lot of national investment in Super Pacs, even more so than we saw this time around."

He adds, Davis will face difficult choices in Washington since he's in a swing district and may have to defy republican leadership from time-to-time.

Original: 1:47 pm

ILLINOIS -- With a still uncertain outcome in the race for the 13th Congressional District, a spokesperson for Dr. David Gill issued the following statement after tallies for precincts in Macon County were reported:

    The results from Macon County prove this is one of the tightest
    congressional races in the nation. Rodney Davis currently leads
    David Gill by less than half a percentage point district-wide. Dr.
    Gill is getting some much-needed rest and spending time with his
    family today while we explore all the legal options available to the
    campaign to ensure there was a full and fair count of every ballot
    cast. Today, we will be looking at the impact of provisional ballots
    on the totals and working to ensure that no one who tried to vote
    in this election was left out.

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