2 men arrested for serial arson

Published 02/27 2013 06:01PM

Updated 02/28 2013 10:52AM

Update: 6:02 pm
GREENUP -- People in town hope their fear of fire has been put out. Two people were arrested in connection to nearly two dozen arsons. One of them is a firefighter. 21-year old Levi Barnes was a part of the Greenup department. He and 23-year old Paul McCormick are accused of setting more than 20 fires. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau talks to some people who suspected Barnes might be involved.

The arsons have been happening since June. So far, no one's been hurt because the targeted homes were all vacant. It had people feeling like they were being watched.

"That makes me uncomfortable that somebody was just kind of looking for the next target."

One of those targets was Christina Pugh. The home she used to rent was torn down Wednesday.

"My mom calls and she's like, 'what is your address?' I'm like, 'it's 510 East Elizabeth. Why?' 'You need to get down there. Your house is on fire.'"

Pugh was in the process of moving out. So, luckily, she and her daughter weren't home when it happened.

"I didn't enjoy the fact, clearly that someone was watching."

But, someone has been watching for more than nine months. Police think it was Barnes and McCormick.

"I danced. I was so happy. I finally smiled for the first time since the arson happened."

It's a feeling shared by most in town. People say they feel like their town can be normal again.

"I think there's a big sigh of relief. Everybody's been after this for so long. And finally the fear can be gone."

Since the fire, Pugh has moved to Toledo. She says she was too scared to stay in Greenup.

Barnes and McCormick were arrested for aggravated arson and residential arson. They're being held in the Cumberland County Detention Center. The Greenup fire chief says they haven't yet talked about how to discipline Barnes.

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GREENUP -- Two men face charges of arson for a series of fires in and around the area. 21-year old Levi Barnes, of Greenup, and 23-year old Paul McCormick, of Toledo, are accused of setting more than 20-fires. Multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in the investigation.

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