2 teens attacked in mob action

Published 08/27 2013 11:17AM

Updated 08/27 2013 11:20AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Tips for children to walk in groups sometimes doesn't prevent problems. Two teens were attacked by another group of kids after school Friday. It happened in the 700-block of Sherwood Terrace near Judah Christian School.

Investigators say the teens are doing okay, but police consider the attack a "mob action" crime. Authorities say two young men, 14- and 16-years old, were walking home together after school. They passed a group of about twelve other kids.

Officials say three from the larger group started beating the two. The suspects started punching the victims and pushing them to the ground. Others from the larger group then joined in. One tried to take a victim's backpack and Kindle. Drivers from passing cars stopped to break up the fight.

At this point, there's no word if the groups knew each other or what a motive for the attack might have been. No arrests have been made, but police are investigating and trying to figure out exactly what happened.

Experts say, now that the school year is starting, it's a good time to talk to kids about staying safe going to and from school.

Three students in Urbana were also attacked Friday night. It happened across the street from the high school after the football scrimmage.

Police say more than 30-suspects jumped the victims. The superintendent says most of those involved were not Urbana High School students. So far, no arrests have been made.

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