2 women accuse police officers & department of wrongdoing

Published 01/16 2014 05:11PM

Updated 01/17 2014 11:41AM

Update: 10:06 pm
LINCOLN -- City leaders are not saying much about accusations involving its police department after two women filed a lawsuit in federal court. The suit claims a police officer was showing a video of them naked to other officers. WCIA-3's Steve Staeger hears from the mayor.

The mayor said the city has been told not to discuss the pending lawsuit, but he did say, once the facts come out in court, it will show city management acted as it should.

It doesn't take long for news to travel in this city. People are already reacting to a strange allegation involving the Lincoln Police Department.

A lawsuit was filed in federal court by two woman, described only as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. In October 2012, the women were on a run with another man in Lincoln who invited them to his home to clean up and change.

While they did, without their knowledge, he videotaped them. 33-year old Jackson Johnson pleaded guilty to the crime. But, that's just where this strange story gets started.

After he was initially charged with the crime, police took the videotape to the department. According to the lawsuit, Officer Sean Pettit showed the tape to other officers and some firefighters from the nearby firehouse.

This week, the two unidentified women filed suit against Johnson for shooting the video, Pettit for showing it and his supervisor, Robert Sherran. Also named in the suit is the city itself. The women want $500,000.

Longtime resident, Kathleen Lowe isn't rushing to judgment. The attorney for the women declined to comment. The Lincoln Police Chief didn't return calls to his office.
Original: 5:11 pm
LINCOLN -- A strange allegation involving a local police department is developing. Two women say officers showed a video of them while they were naked. Now those women are taking the city to court.

The video was illegally recorded and was a piece of evidence in a different case. The man who shot the video pleaded guilty to illegally recording it.

The victims, from Springfield, say they were on a run with the man and he let them come into his home to clean up and change. That's when he recorded the video. He already paid a fine and was sentenced to community service and two years probation.

The police became involved once the women alleged the video was shown to officers and firefighters while in the possession of the department. Now, they're suing the officer, his supervisor and the city for $500,000.

Neither the police department nor city leaders could be reached for comment.

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