$35 million project to provide smoother ride

Update: 6:03 pm, 4/21/15, Tuesday
CHAMPAIGN-URBANA -- A construction project will soon change the look of streets in the area. The MCORE Project will benefit everyone who drivers through town.

Leaders say this will be the biggest four year project both cities have ever seen and it will boost campustown development. These streets see all types of travelers, bicyclists, pedestrians, buses and cars.

"These are very critical areas for all transit, all modes of transportation."

When campustown was redeveloped 13 years ago, officials didn't think it would have the impact it did.

"There's been over a quarter of a billion dollars reinvestment happen in just this small area of campustown since that project."

A construction project, called MCORE, could do more than just improve streets.

"This next project will only continue to push that development and momentum further to the west helping us link together mid-down, link together downtown and helping to link together the community."

Linking the different parts of Champaign-Urbana is one thing, but also redesigning and restructuring the streets to benefit everyone is another.

"Our goal is to have the safest environment we can. There's a lot of opportunities between for interaction between our vehicles and pedestrians, bicycles, and cars."

MCORE is a $35 million project made possible with the help of both cities, MTD and grant money.

"A really good, high-quality, successful community is like a tapestry. You take a lot of unrelated strings and you weave them together to create a picture."

These areas will be affected most. The project is expected to take four years. Officials say it's a lot to take on.

"It's going to take time."

But, White, Green and Wright streets, plus Armory AVenue will have a whole new look.

"The community is more attractive to draw more people in. It's a win-win for everybody."

Construction will start in September 2016. Here's a breakdown of each project: Green Street, near Wright, will cost $3.5 million; Green Street, near Busey, will run $4 million; Green Street, near Neil, will cost $8 million; White Street, near Second, is $4 million; Armory Avenue is the biggest expense at more than $9 million.

Public Design Meeting
Illini Union Ballroom C
May 5
11 am - 2 pm
4 pm - 6 pm
Original: 6:30 pm, 4/15/15, Wednesday
CHAMPAIGN-URBANA -- CUMTD says the biggest road project since I-74 or I-57 is about to make its way to town. This $35 million project would improve roads along bus routes in Champaign-Urbana. A grant will help pay for the work.

MTD officials say which streets will see improvements will be announced next week. It's a four-year construction project. They say everyone will benefit. The announcement will be made Tuesday. Work is scheduled to begin in August 2016.

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