2nd brother sentenced in 2013 murder

By Alex Davis | adavis@wcia.com, Maggie Hockenberry , Betty Simpson | bsimpson@wcia.com

Published 09/07 2013 05:59PM

Updated 06/19 2015 03:00PM

Latest: 6:04 pm, 6/18/15, Thursday

FARMER CITY -- The second of two men who admitted killing a man was sentenced. Alexander Jacquart will spend the next 18 years in prison for his role in the 2013 murder of Blayne Benefield. Jacquart pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and dismembering a human body.

Alexander's brother, James, pleaded guilty to murder in March. He was sentenced to 35-years in prison.

Latest: 12:02 am, 3/21/15, Saturday

FARMER CITY -- A man will spend 35 years in prison after admitting to killing a man. James Jacquart pleaded guilty to murdering Blayne Benefield in September, 2013.

"He took my son and my life and that's why I want his life."

For two years that's what Cherri Benefield has been fighting for. Even though James Jacquart will spend 35 years in jail, Benefield says it's not enough time to stop her pain.

Benefield says, "No children or wife or grandchildren and so that's what I got taken away."

In court, Jacquart admitted murdering Blayne Benefield. She says he never apologized for stabbing, strangling and leaving him to die in an alley.

"Hearing what all happened, it hurts you."

Benefield says there's an image she can't get out of her head; the last picture her son took, hours before he was killed. James Jacquart and his brother were carnival workers, with a past record of felonies and warrants.

"They brought a carnival into town thinking it was for fun days."

But now that this trial is over, Benefield says she's just getting ready for the next one.

She says, "Doing okay. One down, one to go and I'm wanting to get as many years for the younger one that I possibly can."

James Jacquart will serve his entire sentence. Benefield's mom has written a victim impact letter she plans to send to the prison he goes to.

Alex Jacquart, James' brother and co-defendant, is scheduled for a May trial date. Since they were arrested, Benefield's family has requested the two brothers never serve in the same facility.

Latest: 2:25 pm, 3/20/15, Friday

DEWITT COUNTY -- A Wisconsin man will spend 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to first degree murder. 26-year old James Jacquart, admitted killing Blayne Benefield, of Farmer City, in September, 2013.

Jacquart will have to serve 100% of his sentence. The State's Attorney says the sentence was reached with the approval of the victim's family. Alex Jacquart, James' brother and co-defendant, is scheduled for a May trial date.

Update: 4:42 pm, 9/9/13, Monday

FARMER CITY -- Two brothers from Wisconsin face murder charges for the death of a local man. 21-year old Blayne Benefield was found dead in an alley in the 200-block of South Main Street Saturday morning. The coroner says Benefield was strangled and stabbed to death.

Authorities say James Jacquart, 25, of Manitowoc, WI, and Alexander Jacquart, 22, of Valders, WI, were taken into custody shortly after Benefield 's body was discovered.

Original: 6:00 pm, 9/7/13, Saturday

FARMER CITY -- Authorities are investigating a man's death. Police were called to an alley in the 200-block of South Main Street, just after 7 am, Saturday. That's where they found the body of 21-year old Blayne Benefield.

Investigators determined Benefield was murdered. A few hours later, a suspect was arrested. Authorities are still investigating. An autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

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