5th graders take technology to motivational level

Published 05/10 2013 04:58PM

Updated 05/10 2013 06:44PM

GIBSON CITY -- Producing, shooting and editing are things we do here everyday at WCIA-3 News. But students at Gibson City Elementary are mastering it all in the 5th grade to give classmates a new and exciting way to learn. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has more.

They make short movies each month. It's really impressive. The school has a program called BUG. It stands for "Being Unbelievable Good." Each month teachers celebrate kids who are responsible.

But one student wanted to motivate his classmates to have that trait in a new way. From the outside, it looks like a normal school.

"It's awesome. It's like making real movies."

Inside, this classroom transforms into a movie set.

"It's very special to me. Just to know I made a breakthrough."

5th grader Ethan Freehill went to his teacher with an idea. He wanted to make a video each month showing classmates honesty, respect and cooperation.

"I think a video that's funny and also expresses what we're doing in the bug videos is much better than hearing a long lecture because I think some kids will just space out."

Walker Willis is a computer teacher, but one of his passions is video editing. Under his direction, the kids have learned how to act, shoot, produce and edit.

"It's been one of their biggest motivations throughout the year."

5th graders give up recess each day to work on set. Every month their videos are shown at an assembly, hoping to motivate classmates to do the right thing. With lights, cameras and lots of action, these 5th graders are starting a new tradition.

"It's just never been done in the 5th grade, so I think it's a really cool thing to do."

"It reminds me just everyday how great a group of kids we have here. They're a wonderful representation of GCMS and their whole community."

The equipment doesn't come cheap. Most of it came from community donations. It's a tradition teachers say will continue for years to come.

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