ACA controversy could cause shutdown

Published 09/30 2013 05:49PM

Updated 09/30 2013 05:53PM

NATIONAL -- Just hours before the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace opens, the federal government is staring down the barrel of a shutdown. Leaders on Capitol Hill have less than six hours to avoid a government shutdown and it looks like we're headed that way.

The issue is over the Affordable Care Act. Republicans want to delay it a year. Democrats won't let that happen.

Over the weekend, the republican house passed a bill which would fund the government and delay ACA for a year. Monday afternoon, the democratic senate voted against that proposal. So, the country is stuck and it appears, at this hour, we're headed for a government shutdown.

It won't keep the healthcare exchanges from opening Tuesday. Experts say the debate over ACA isn't really going to change the direction it's headed in now.

Here's what a government shutdown will affect: national parks will close; it will take longer to get a passport; and government-backed loans will be delayed.

Another deadline is just around the corner. The government has to do something about the debt ceiling next month. If lawmakers don't change that, the U.S. could face another credit downgrade.

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