Accident kills one, three others critical

By Amanda Porterfield |, Gary Brode |

Published 07/27 2014 12:18AM

Updated 07/28 2014 01:33PM

Update: 10:01 pm
DECATUR -- The sound of an explosion was actually a car crashing into a tree. It's a sight these women say they'll never forget.

People on 19th and Wood heard the crash about 8 pm. One woman died. Three others were taken to the hospital.

People who live here say this outcome has been a fear of theirs for some time. After years of living on East Wood Street and watching people speed by, these women say it was only a matter of time.

"The car was speeding from straight down and you can tell he was already getting out of control."

But, what happened in front of these three women, they never expected.

"As soon as it hit the tree, the car flipped and went into this driveway."

"I heard a big bang and I ran out the door."

"Bodies actually flew out the car. The driver, he flew behind the car and, actually, the passenger, he got out and just walked off."

There were two others still lying on the ground. All of the women called police and tried to help.

"I was telling my mom to help the girl that looked like she wasn't breathing. Her face was all bloody."

"I was talking to both of the girls and telling them to hold on, keep breathing, you will be okay. Just stay with us, listen to my voice."

But, she says her voice wasn't enough.

"She was smoking. It looked like she was paralyzed and she couldn't move nothing but her eyes. All of a sudden, her eyes just rolled back in her head. Next thing you know, she took her last breath and her eyes shut."

20-year old Sarah Barnett died in her arms with injuries to her head and chest. Police say two others in the hospital are in bad shape. The fourth will be okay.

"We believe high speed was involved."

"It's a busy street and people always reckless driving back and forth. They need to put a stop sign out here. That's what they really need to do."

For now, the only sign is this tree across the street where the car hit. The women don't need the gouges on it to remind them because this crash is something they'll never forget. But, it doesn't hurt to hope that it will make people slow down.

Police say the others involved in the accident were also in the 20's and alcohol may have been a factor in the crash.
Original: 12:18 pm
DECATUR -- Police are investigating an accident which killed one person and left three others in critical condition. It happened on Wood Street near 19th Avenue around 8 pm, Sunday.

Police believe high speeds and alcohol may be factors in the crash. The car went into a front lawn on Wood Street. Two people in the car were taken to an Urbana hospital.

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