Accused rapist apprehended

By Betty Simpson |

Published 09/16 2013 04:47PM

Updated 09/20 2013 09:31AM

Latest: 12:06 pm, 9/19/13, Thursday
DANVILLE -- Police say a man sought for rape was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals Thursday morning. Darrin Mitchell was arrested without incident in the southern Chicago suburb of Riverdale.

Mitchell is wanted for aggravated battery and attempted sexual assault for attacks on two women last week. Authorities say Mitchell is being held in facilities in the Chicago area awaiting return to Central Illinois.
Update: 8:59 pm, 9/16/13, Monday
DANVILLE -- There's been a lot of talk about recent attacks in town, but authorities say a lot of what you hear isn't true. Police are looking for Darrin Mitchell who's wanted for aggravated battery and attempted sexual assault for two recent attacks on women. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

A lot of people say Mitchell has done more than what he's accused of. A lot of rumors are going around town and being posted on Facebook, but, police say they're not true.

They're only investigating two attacks from last week. Either way, people here are scared. It's part of people's everyday routine, but the usually-mundane activity is now causing people to look over their shoulders.

"Definitely fear, because my daughter, of course, takes the bus in this area and it's so close nearby to this area to where we live."

This bus stop is just a few blocks away from many families. It's where a woman was heading last week when she was forced into the woods and raped.

"Everyone's been talking about it. If it's true, they haven't been getting a lot of reports on it. I didn't see it in the paper, you know, just more or less hearsay."

"There was a tremendous amount of stories, if you will, majority of those being posted on Facebook."

Those stories claim there have been more than just two attacks since the 10th, plus a picture of an alleged victim was also posted in Facebook. Police say none of it's true.

"When that's mispublished itself, then that misinformation to the general readers or viewers of the Facebook become panicked."

As if the truth wasn't scary enough.

"I'm not really wanting to leave out of the house late. I don't want my kids out here late. Just kind of keeping an eye on everyone."

Police are looking for 26-year old Darrin Mitchell. He has a slight hunch in his back and is from Riverdale.

Police say the recent rumors have officers working overtime. That's why authorities hope you think twice before you post. They say misinformation on the web can put innocent people at risk and tax resources.

Police still want to encourage people to pass information along to the police. Anyone with information about last week's attacks or Mitchell's whereabouts should call police.

Danville Police Department
(217) 431 - 2250
Original: 4:47 pm, 9/16/13, Monday
DANVILLE -- Police need your help finding a suspected rapist. Darrin Mitchell is wanted for raping two women. He's 6'2", 156 lbs., with a slightly-hunched back.

Investigators say the assaults happened last week on the city's east side. Authorities say there has been a lot of false information about the case on social media, but they're still looking for anyone who may know where Mitchell is.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

Danville Police Department
(217) 431 - 2250

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